ANTIPOD Workshop is a creative design studio with a focus on bold textiles, based in Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. With a core belief in the value of the hand-made as modern luxury, ANTIPOD makes a wide range of vibrant textiles featuring fresh color combinations and innovative patterns. A drive for continued experimentation fuels the work, leading to small production runs with limited availability in order to promote space for new work - and feed a low boredom threshold!

Collection #1 | ARTIFACT

Patterns are drawn from original photographs of small details in my local environment. On Main Street in Chinatown, there has been rapid urban development, created in large part by the Winter Olympics held in 2010 as well as the continued popularity of Vancouver as a lifestyle city.

I’m inspired by the unintentional collages created by the posters plastered over every temporary wall erected to screen the massive construction sites lining our streets. These posters are inevitably written on, torn and pasted over forming multiple layers over time.

Pillows are printed using dye sublimation, an environmentally friendly waterless dye process that results in a vibrant, full-color print. Dyes are infused into the fabric at the molecular level, rather than applied to the surface, and so prints will not rub off or fade.

The front of the pillow is a beautifully soft and very hard-wearing velvet that can withstand everyday life and come out of the washing machine as good as new.



September 28, 2016

When I was studying textile design I clearly remember being more than a little skeptical about the hand weaving classes that were part of our curriculum. What could be the use in learning to hand weave when the process of making the cloth that I wore in clothing for example appeared to be the product of a highly technical and industrial process, totally out of reach for an individual maker? I couldn’t see the appeal of what I thought was going to be some homespun version of cloth that was more suited to a Renaissance Faire costume than anything else and I wanted to skip weaving in favour of screen-printing, which I perceived as frankly way more hip than weaving...

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Come visit ADDRESS ASSEMBLY | May 5-8 in Vancouver!

May 04, 2016

// a 4-day limited engagement at the waterfall building // 11am to 6pm daily // 1540 west 2nd avenue, vancouver I'm so pleased to be exhibiting at one of the most well regarded design events of the year... Kate Duncan's ADDRESS, an assembly of designers and makers.  I'll be previewing my new collection LEXICON along with some hand block-printed textiles, with a limited run available for sale and pre-order exclusively at ADDRESS.    Please do come by for a visit, the space is gorgeous and it's filled with the most beautiful work by fellow designers - just don't blame me if you want one of everything! You'll find incredible handwoven wall hangings and linens, fabulous upholstery, handcrafted furniture, flatware, home accessories, lighting and even the...

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