The first ANTIPOD collection was formed from the desire to slow down &  cultivate a more open, present state.

Open to noticing and decoding the elements of design all around us as building blocks for patterns.

Patterns are drawn from original photographs of small details in my local environment. On Main Street in Chinatown there has been rapid urban development, created in part by the Winter Olympics held in 2010 as well as the continued popularity of Vancouver as a lifestyle city.

I’m inspired by the unintentional collages created by ripped posters plastered over every temporary wall erected to screen the massive construction sites lining our streets.

These posters are inevitably ripped & written on, torn and pasted over, evocative of our headlong rush into the future and the rapid rate of change that seems inescapable in our busy lives.

Even as our city and lives continue to evolve & change, I like the reminder that there's value in standing still & appreciating what’s around us now.

I love the rips & tears, the intimacy of the handwriting  on these posters, the glimpse of what lay underneath & the abstract
compositions that are formed.

These details were the basis for the current collection, look closely & you’ll see the tears and the fragmented text – artifacts of a city in flux.


ARTIFACT is a small run of patterned pillows printed by hand here in Vancouver, using the sublimation process. This waterless dye process allows for photographic image reproduction and results in a high resolution, full-color print.

Dyes are infused into the fabric at the molecular level, rather than applied to the surface, and so prints will not rub off or fade. 

Hanging planter & bedside table by Bison Goods (thanks Justin).


Product photography by the super Eydís Einarsdóttir, Studio80s.To purchase please go to the shop.

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