ANTIPOD Workshop is a creative design studio with a focus on bold textiles, based in Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. Started by transplanted NZ native Stephanie Symns, the studio takes a playful approach to the creation of home interior products, accessories and apparel.

ANTIPOD operates within the intersection of art, fine craft, design & technology to blend old-school techniques with new materials and processes. Driven by a core belief in the value of the hand-made as modern luxury, ANTIPOD makes a wide range of vibrant textiles featuring fresh color combinations and innovative patterns. A drive for continued experimentation fuels the work leading to small production runs with limited availability in order to promote space for new work - and feed a low boredom threshold!

I believe that what you make and how you make it are worthy of equal consideration. I make responsibly with transparent production methods, bringing you well-made goods that stand the test of time and make the small moments of daily life a little brighter.



About Stephanie



I was born in New Zealand - land of the long white cloud, which is a pretty sweet place to grow up. Despite wanting to go to art school for as long as I can remember, I earned a more sensible business degree in an era when direct marketing still involved snail mail and paper-folding machines. I eventually became disillusioned with the world of corporate marketing, taking what I thought would be a short break to travel in Nepal and India, but never returned to Sydney where I’d been living.

Instead I hiked to Kanchenjunga base camp, saw a tiger from elephant-back at Corbett National Park in India, stayed in an ashram in Rishikesh, and hiked into Machu Picchu at sunrise on the morning of my twenty-eighth birthday.

I moved to Canada spending over a decade producing film and TV hoping that could be the creative career I’d always wanted. But I ended up burnt out with the process of producing, and finally went to art school studying textile design. Had two babies while at school (which I don't recommend from a scheduling perspective), and that whole parenting thing was pretty life-changing accompanied as it was with a new perspective on what's really important in life. It’s ironic that this particular light bulb moment arrived at the point where “spare time” became a thing of the past.

My designs tend to bold colors and patterns on a large scale and I actively seek ways of incorporating artisanal individuality within serial production, as well as re-use of materials in my work.

I think that buying beautifully made durable goods that you love, from people with a story to tell, is an antidote to the fast-paced world of consumer goods that are churned out en masse and easily discarded. But I’m still figuring out how to do that better myself on a practical level.

Somewhere in between a multitude of influences and material explorations I make textile-based things. Pleased to meet you & I hope you’ll stay tuned.