QUIILT PAINTING 004 // In Slavery To Ornament

QUILT PAINTINGS is an ongoing series merging my painting and textile practices. Painted studies are translated to linen or organic cotton to create works that blur the line between utility and art.

The quilts explore composition, colour, scale and materiality with a respect for the rawness of the material and the imperfections inherent to hand-work.

     Hang them on the wall or wrap yourself up in them.

Aesthetically the work reflects a range of influences from historical textiles to hard-edged abstraction, collage and the principle of repetition in pieced works which I see as an inherently optimistic practice.


  • Hand-painted dye on organic cotton + linen
  • Backing is 100% cotton with abstract painted detail on linen
  • 63 x 82 inches

Commissions are welcome, please enquire.